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A Few Words, opinion column

A FEW WORDS...our weekly opinion column...

Congratulations to Matt Kenseth! I don't care if you consider him boring or not. Truth is, Kenseth has a Championship under his belt and probably was one of the single most reasons for the Chase format which ironically is based on his strength..consistency. So it's good to see a Champion win the big race.

Guess Mark Martin may stay un-retired until he wins the 500..
Hear Michael Waltrip is considering retirement too...
If you think Jr caused a big wreck, you're not alone.. Jr was strongly vocal about his innocence..almost too vocal. This , I believe is a make or brake season for Jr. He will always have his die hard fans..but championship clock is winding down.  If Puegot buys Chrysler can we hope to see the "Le Car " pace a race..perfect!   Gordon seems very relaxed and that spels doom for the competition if he can maintain that attitude. Biffle...I believe he too has a limited time frame to grab the brass ring of a championship. Very refreshing to see Richard Petty Motorsports do so well, even if Richard had very little to do with it except lend his name. 
So, as 2009 brings a new season in a very rough economy, let's all remember why we chose this sport to enjoy in the first place, to escape, even if for a few hours on a weekend, to sit back, cheer, yell, moan and just have fun with American motorsports...smile..the season's just begun.